Small Japanese Stone Lantern

Setting Japanese stone lantern would be an easy way for making Japanese garden or room in your place. However, since usual stone lanterns are quite big and heavy, as you know, it is difficult to ship to overseas. I guess many foreign people who like to have Japanese style garden gave up to place stone lanterns.

The stone lantern I recommend today can solve your problem. The name of this stone lantern is Yukimi Toro (literally means snow-viewing lantern). The height is only 17 cm in total and weight is about 1 kg.

Yukimi Toro (snow-viewing stone lantern)

It is made of Izumo stone, sandstone in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Izumo stone looks very soft and warm. You could place both inside and outside. Since Izumo stone absorb water well, it would be easy to get moss around the lantern. Also, this stone lantern can be separated into two.

You could place outside.

In fact, this lantern was carved by a stone artist in Shimane Prefecture. His name is Mr. Masashi Tsubouchi. Mr. Tsubouchi often carves Jizo statues Buddhist statues, and other stone sculptures. Most of his works use this Izumo stone. His works always have warm and gentle atmosphere.

Mr. Masashi Tsubouchi at his workplace

We do have two size of this stone lantern. Visit the website below, and if you are interested in, please contact to us or visit our shop in Kyoto, Japan.

(1) Izumo stone lantern (12 cm)
(2) Izumo stone latntern (16 cm)

Yoshimura Stone Co., Ltd
Postcode: 6028043
Address: 208, Gochome, Kyoto City, Kyoto, Japan
Phone Number: +81 75 212 2425

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