Jizo Incense Burner

Good afternoon. In Japan, some people like to burn incense. There are many incense burners in Japan, but if you like to have an unique one, I highly recommend you to get this Jizo incense burner.

Jizo Incense Burner

This is made of Kimachi stone (also known as Izumo stone). The characteristics of Kimachi stone are below.

  • Color gradually changes from gray to dark yellow.
  • Looks very warm.
  • Available to place both inside and outside.

This stone are often used for traditional architecture and stone products, especially in Shimane Prefecture. In fact, this incense burner was designed by our staff member and curved by a stone artist in Shimane. We only have one Jizo incense burner, so this is the only one item in the world. If you like to get this, please check the website (or you could buy at our shop in Kyoto).


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