Smiling Jizo

Today, I want to share one of our Jizo collections.

Smiling Jizo Statues

This is Nikkori Jizo in Japanese. It means “smiling Jizo.” The height is 14 cm, and the weight is only 1.9 kg. And the price if 12,960 JPY for one (excluding consumption tax). Therefore, you could bring back to your country for unique Japanese souvenir.

Smiling Jizo is our popular statue. It is made of granite, and there are two colors; yellow and gray. On the other day, American couple came to our shop and bought the last one. In fact, there are more and more foreign customers visit our shop to look for Jizo statues. We are now ordering two more gray ones, and they will arrive in the end of this month.

As it is made of granite, you can place both outside and inside. If you like to make your original Japanese garden in your place, this Jizo statue is an ideal item 😀 Although it is sold out now, I would inform you on this blog, as soon as we get the new ones.

These are the online store page for the smiling Jizo. If you like to know more detail, please check the page below;

original natural stone online store -ISHIMO-
smiling jizo (gray)
smiling jizo (yellow)

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